About Dutch Delta Cruise Port

About Dutch Delta Cruise Port

Following Amsterdam Cruise Port (ACP), the Netherlands now has a second collaboration, in the Southwestern Delta aimed at developing and marketing the river cruise product and a focal point for the industry.

A major destination for river cruise ships

During the past years, BLOC has been preparing the foundation of the Dutch Delta Cruise Port (DDCP) in collaboration with the provinces of Zeeland, Noord-Brabant and Zuid-Holland, and the regions of Waterdriehoek, Vestingsdriehoek, Waterpoort and various municipalities in Zeeland. In addition, a special task force was created consisting of tour operators, shipping companies and nautical specialists that support the Cruise Port in word and deed.

Spring into action

The river cruise market is growing rapidly in terms of passengers, ships and expenditure. This offers huge opportunities for regions and municipalities with a potentially appealing “cruise product”. There is a lot of demand for quays and new products in order to expand existing routes and develop new ones. This demands focus, direction and resources. A lot of regions in the Southwest of the Netherlands are still lacking in this respect.

In addition, the industry is sounding the foghorn because not enough quays are suitable for docking increasingly large ships and (supra)regional product development for cruise consumers are lagging behind. There is no focus when it comes to serving the market and no clear focal point exists in this region.

With so much dynamics and opportunities, the time has come to spring into action and work together towards the next stage. The area in between the tips of the Maas and Rijn rivers continuing into the Delta in Zeeland makes for a logical supraregional unit: the Dutch Delta.

The cruise position of the Dutch Delta will be further strengthened if, around 2023, the Seine is connected to the Schelde by creating a connection between Cambrai and Compiègne.

A great perspective

In the summer of 2014, BLOC was approached by Swiss shipping company Scylla to capitalise on the opportunities in this area together with other large players. Co-initiated by the Dordrecht municipality, this led to a plan developed by BLOC with an understanding of the economic significance of the industry and a plan for the next stage.

The Dutch Delta has a lot of potential for developing new shipping routes. The cruise market position of the Dutch Delta will be strengthened once the Seine is connected to the Schelde around 2023. This will make it possible to take a cruise from Amsterdam to Paris. An unforgettable trip between the most romantic cities in the world.

Product development

Product development is key in persuading shipping companies and tour operators to try new destinations and routes. This is an interplay of local and regional governments and businesses. Product development can be roughly divided into hardware (infrastructure) and software (the tourism product). Shipping companies and tour operators require proper infrastructure (piers, shore-side power and a good connection to the hinterland) but also benefit from a properly developed and connected excursion and package offering.

Market development

A supraregional approach is necessary in order to turn the regional approach into a success. This has the potential of increasing the earning capacity of the industry and the region as a whole. The Dutch Delta Cruise Port functions as a focal point for the industry and as a knowledge centre for the regions involved, generates support and effective investments, supports in the development of cohesive tourism products and brings companies in contact with the industry through platform activities.

The DDCP foundation markets the Dutch Delta region as an appealing river cruise destination. The foundation focuses on shipping companies and tour operators. Local support in the region is strengthened through knowledge sharing and a governing network. The foundation coordinates the necessary investments in area and product development together with public and private investors, capitalising on the power of regional marketing organisations.

For further information, please contact Fred Witte at fred@dutchdeltacruiseport.com.